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I hold your heart in my hands...

You'd rather bleed then be without her...

Bleeding Mascara
9 March
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....Do you ever wish upon a star hoping for the one you love....
....Do you ever dream for the day the pain will finally end....
....Are you alone in a world so dark and cold....
....Is it impossible to see your wrists among the scars caused by lies...

This is part of me and this is what I am. Don't tell me to change. I am whatever I choose to be. I like the part of me thats allowed to be me...Black hair, black eyeliner, bright eyeshadow, anything you don't want me to be.

I love you yes, but you will never know it. I speak from my heart, you speak from your brain..you hurt me, I love you.

Thank you too for my icon..
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